The Personal Trainer

My approach to training is free of fads and focused on inspiring a healthy, active, balanced lifestyle.

Bodyweight training allows you to improve strength, tone, endurance and body awareness, which is why I love it! 

Sessions with me include circuits, functional movement routines, intervals, bars...and lots of laughs...enjoying what you do is such an important element of training.

Whether you want to train in your local park or your back garden, it can work. You can train 1-2-1, with a friend/partner or organize a small group's entirely up to you - we can just chat through ideas and plans!


If you are taking your first steps into training or you want to change up your routine, you're in the right place.

My goal is to provide you with a style of training which will help you inject more energy and activity into your daily life and along the journey, increase confidence in yourself and your abilities using the greatest piece of equipment to hand....YOU!


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