Frankie's Fitties


"I've been training with Frankie for nearly 6 months now and can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made. 

From a couple of years of doing no or little exercise, I made the conscious decision that the excuse of 'not having enough time' wouldn't cut it any longer.  I must admit, the thought of 'getting into it' (and 7am starts!) filled me with dread but I now genuinely look forward to the sessions and can't wait to progress further each week. 

Frankie's passion and enthusiasm is really infectious and for a typical 'exercise hater' she's converted me into one of these 'fitness types' that just wants to achieve more and more. I couldn't even do ONE press up when I started and yet this morning I found myself doing 90 over the session!
Frankie will always go above and beyond, and even out of session time is just incredibly helpful. I simply cannot recommend her enough.

Frankie, you're a squat smashing, burpee blasting, lunging legend!" 

- Lisa